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Web design and marketing

Hi all :)

For years now, I've tried to ignore the commercial side of the web, and I guess it's biting me in the ass a bit now.

I have a few web projects running, that aren't doing so well in terms of popularity. Maybe that's the norm -- I guess the sites that make it big are just the ones that get lucky, out of millions of others. Still, I'm sure there's more that I could do.

To begin with, I've launched an online freelancing project, for a nice new site design. So hopefully the new look/feel will help.

Questions are:

  • What are the most successful marketing options, that are ethical?I'm not interested in setting up fake pages or fake sites linking to my pages, or filling up my sites with fake content to make them look popular, in order to attract popularity. I've submitted the site to search engines, and I'm trying to include keywords, provide rss feeds, use the url in signatures on other sites where allowed, and use social bookmarking (ethically), too. Short of spending heaploads of time asking other sites with a similar theme to mention my site, what can I do?

  • I've already tried adwords, but it cost something like £2.50 per click (yes, that's GBP, not USD!) just to get listed in the keywords that had any relevance to what I was trying to offer. Are there cheaper/more effective advertising systems than adwords, that don't involve spamming people? These are peace projects, so I'd want the advertising on fairly reputable sites, rather than porn/warez sites or something.

  • I've thought of launching some competitions -- along the lines of write the best article, win X, or come up with the best new feature, win Y, etc. Do you think this would work well on a wiki about peace? If so, where could I promote these competitions? Presumably there are lots of sites out there where people can post/find competitions. The ones I've seen seem to focus on their own competitions, or those of big corporations. Do you know any good ones, and particularly ones that would have the right kind of audience (peace activists/researchers, wikipedia-ists, etc.)?

  • Sorry for the long post; I'm desperate ;D
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