confessions of a bathrobe werewolf (die_monster) wrote in thequestionclub,
confessions of a bathrobe werewolf

Well, a while back my PseudiPod (Creative Zen MicroPhoto, for realists) died, or seemed to, and I've been fighting with Creative to get them to fix it, since I've had it less than a year and it's warrantied for that long. They kept sending me to lame help lists and giving me instructions on how to reformat it when my compy no longer even recognises it, and it won't keep file names. But lo and behold, something they suggested looks like it's finally working, so perhaps it doesn't have to be fixed/replaced after all. BUT. The year warranty is almost up. If it's fixed now, it may still break again within the next couple of weeks, and then I'm just screwed, and I'm pretty afraid it will die again, since it was really, really fucked up this time. Would it be wrong to lie about it having started to work again (if it actually has) so that I get one that will (hopefully) be more reliable? Would you do it? I probably won't, as it does seem kinda tacky, but I did spend a lot of money on this and I do think that it will most likely die again soon...Mostly, I'm just curious.

EDIT: I should probably add, lying wouldn't necessarily get me a new one, but would make them look at the old one and hopefully fix any problems. I don't care if it's new or fixed, I just want more assurance that it will work longer than a couple weeks.
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