launchpad mcquack (_mathlete) wrote in thequestionclub,
launchpad mcquack

hey so my dad wants to take the family on a vacation in july but we don't know where to go. he is taking input from me and my two sisters.

i think he wants to go somewhere tropical, which is weird becase none of us really like the beach. he keeps suggesting aruba but i don't even know what there is to do there.

i like cities. i really want to push the idea of going to a city. i like city vacations. i strongly would prefer not to go to an island somewhere. i want to do something different every day and wear a bathing suit no more than three times over the span of the week.

i am pretty sure we're limiting our search to the US and the caribbean islands. overseas travel is too expensive. i also think that we won't be going to canada, because my dad wants to go south, not north. the northeastern US is out too, basically anything within a 8-10 hour drive of new york city is too close because my dad's like, "oh, but we could do that anytime! this is our BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG VACATION!" also we're tired of florida so we're not going there. since i'd prefer not to go to an island, i guess i personally would like to stay in the US, but i'll take other suggestions too.

so where do you suggest we go? beach, city, other stuff?

oh yeah, and wherever it is, there needs to be golf.
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