kuehkuehkueh (kuehkuehkueh) wrote in thequestionclub,

What is he trying to say?! i really don't get it?

I think it's the guys that gives mixed signals that drives girls crazy. I like this guy, and he gives me mixed signals all the time. He talks to me and seems like he wants to go out, and doesn't plan anything at all later on. Then when we finally get to go out(in a group of 4), he doesn't talk very much to me but seemed to listen when I talked. He seemed like he wanted me to go to this movie and even asked me whether his movie choice was ok, and that we could watch something else if I wanted to, even though there were 4 of us. I am really happy he asked me out, but his concern and lack of concern at the same time makes me confused. What is he trying to say?
To add a little to him, he's stood up for me, gives me encouragement, asks me whether I'm okay, shares his food with me, tells me about himself and family, goes on breaks with me when we were working.

what do i do with mixed signals? what is he saying? is he not interested at all?
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