a person (mercuryisme) wrote in thequestionclub,
a person


On Wednesday, I lost my wallet, which pretty much holds my entire life. Debit and credit cards, state ID, school ID, health insurance cards, some cash, my family pact card which is how I get my birth control... everything. I figured it was lost forever and pretty much cried all day because I don't really have the money to replace everything.


Someone found it and turned it in! Can you believe it?! If even the cash is still in there, I will be amazed.

Two good things came out of this- first, when I was crying at school on Wednesday total strangers came up to me to make sure I was okay.

Secondly, someone actually turned the wallet in, which is so nice and unexpected.

Has anything good happened to you recently? Anything that would "restore your faith in humanity"?
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