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a geek by any other name

8:13 PM 4/17/07 · There are a number of people I know that are aware that they're geeks and proud of it. Yet I also know a fairly other large group of folks that are equally as geeky and heavily in denial about it. They throw up criteria and all but bust out the charts and diagrams showing what constitutes a geek and how they are so nowhere close to being that.

The popular view seems to be that geeks are into comics and science fiction and fantasy. I got this particular perspective from someone who will remain Carrienameless when she was defending that even though she goes to a certain convention regularly she is by no means a geek.

She's also one of the biggest House geeks I know...and I know many.

I'm offering no criteria so use your own understandings of what "geek" entails:
  • What makes you think you're not a geek?

  • Do you think being a geek is a bad thing?

  • Do you enjoy geeky things?

  • Is there any show or series you follow regularly?

  • If you know you're a geek, is there anything that you follow regularly that you feel falls outside your fandom?

  • Also, if you're a geek are you just a general one or a specific kind?

Idea for this came to me given this random ello Mistuh Brandguy's recent fascination with the Veronica Mars series.
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