:) (tin_foil_hat) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Who gets the pets if you & your S.O. split? Why?

2. What's this 4/20 business? (P.S The U.S date system sucks)

EDIT: 3. Did your parents 'stay together for the children'? How was that for you?
4. Did your parents divorce? How was that for you?

1. My SO told me today that I would get our pet because I seem to love animals more & could give her a better life. :S

3. Ostensibly, but really I think they stayed together to satisfy their own twisted psyches & so they didn't have to figure out a new way of life. They fought all the time & it was horrible to live there. I couldn't see why anyone was upset that their parents divorce because I wanted it so bad for my own parents.

4. They were going to, briefly. But then they got back together & after telling my mother "it's me or him" I moved out of home - yay!
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