Kimberly (itsjustaphase) wrote in thequestionclub,


My friend is bringing me her computer this weekend so that my husband can "clean up" the harddrive.

Really we're going to check to see if her husband has been doing questionable stuff. She knows he looks at porn, and that she doesn't care about. But now she thinks he's meeting women online, and maybe even meeting those women IRL. We have to see if there's evidence of that. (She's so computer dumb it's not even funny, which is why she's bringing it to us. My hubby's in the computer tech field)

My friend's husband is a truck driver, so it would be very easy for him to cheat on her without her knowing. But is he cheating already?

The question is, how far does someone have to go for it to become cheating? Where's the line drawn? Is it when he meets a woman IRL? Is it that he's even seeking out other women in the first place? Is it only if he has sex with another woman?
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