May 27th, 2021


I'm not David and I'm not Dennis...but I want to contact them

ETA: there is an update on one part of this question.

So. I live in the US and I have a not too uncommon first name and a common but not MOST common spelling last name. I have a gmail address I use for business/official stuff (such as my HOA). That gmail is firstinitialmiddeinitiallastname@gmail. No dots in that address except for the .com.

And the first initial is D. I have received some erroneous email for various people in various places. Most notably I got some innocent Canadian woman's medical test results. I did not open the link, but I did scold the hell out of her healthcare provider in Ontario (they had made a typo, and they were really sorry). Another time a woman inadvertently included me on a family group email - also a typo. Most of the time these are one-offs. However...

Some guy named Dennis, living somewhere in the US, has a similar gmail address, probably the same as mine with a dot somewhere. I know, because I get email for Dennis occasionally, usually from someplace he bought stuff and is having problems with, like eBay or Hayneedle. Usually there's no reply-to address, so I can't even send a "hey I'm not Dennis" reply. I also get email for a guy named David, who no doubt has dots elsewhere in his gmail address. David lives in New South Wales, or he's about to move there. I know, because David is trying really hard to find a new apartment right now, and rental agents in various NSW towns keep responding to his inquiries, but they respond to MY email address and then I have to write back and go "I'm not David, I'm not even a guy and I'm not in Australia, please CALL HIM and straighten this out." I think David hasn't been paying his daughter Haley's school tuition too because I got two emails asking for payment, and just to stop these I wrote back and replied "Maybe Haley's bill would get paid if you sent it to the right email address?"

What I would like is to get the actual gmail addresses for Dennis and David. I just want to forward their emails on to them so Dennis can get his missing merch and David can find an apartment, and perhaps I'll remind them to be careful how they enter stuff into a web form because every time they do it wrong, I get their email. I did try googling variously punctuated versions of my own gmail address - nothing. All the services I know of that actually could find an addresse's owner require a sign-up and a fee. And Google doesn't care about the mix-ups, so no help available there. Is there some way to find these people, other than sending an email to each possible combination of initials/punctuation/lastname@gmail?