October 26th, 2020

Harry Potter fan till the end

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What does cultural appreciation APPROPRIATION (wrong word lol) mean to you? What action(s) makes you want to demand apologies/statements from celebrities or regular people?

Side question: if you're black, do you think people from other backgrounds shouldn't have single braids? if you're not black, do you feel as though you can't wear them or you're judged?

I'm Nigerian and I'm not sure if that affects how I see things, but some of the outrage on cultural appropriation seems way out there compared to what the actual action was. I always understood CA to mean claiming something from another culture as your own without acknowledging the origin/profiting from it. So I don't care if people from other backgrounds wear braids, as long as they're not saying they invented the hairstyle (one of the Kardashians wore cornrows once years ago and pretty much claimed it as a new style never seen before). I mean, I get upset over Rachel Dolezal but (for example) someone from Saudi Arabia dancing to Nigerian music doesn't matter.

There's just so much more to worry about but maybe I'm too laidback.