October 4th, 2020

  • piperki

What the hell is wrong with my snake plant?

I bought a lovely snake plant about a year ago, from an online retailer. After a few months it developed big brown spots on the leaves. The internet said I must be overwatering, so I cut back even more on watering - I water it about every 6 weeks. It continued to look like shit. This summer I cut off the nasty-looking leaves and although I didn't find any signs of root rot, I repotted it with cactus mix, and staked up a couple of leaves that were flopping over. (It's in a plastic grow pot with plenty of drainage, inside a rope basket, and gets indirect light all day.) It seemed to really like this situation and we were getting along great, but yesterday I noticed an entire brown leaf, which I cut off at the soil level. OTOH a couple of new leaves were growing as well, so it's not like the thing is totally dying. Just spotty.

Any plant geniuses who can give me advice?


Should I tell my mother that she didn't secure my front door when she used it, and all of my cats got out while I was at work, including the half-feral one that I may not be able to get back? 😡 Why, or why not?
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