November 13th, 2019


mysterious tv apps

On my smart TV remote there's vudu, krackle and xumo buttons. I've never heard of those apps and wonder what they're used for.

Are they any good?

I have amazon prime, hulu and netflix so I don't need any substitutions for those.

The nose knows...until it doesn't?

Do you process scents differently or know someone who does? What's that like?

As an example, I love Bath and Body Works products (ahem, you may remember my lotion thief question from a while back). My current favourite is Cactus Blossom. I went to hug my husband and he told me that I stank and needed a shower. But...I had just had a shower! I'm pretty sure the good people at BBW spend millions researching scents and chemicals to avoid making people stink ;-D. I'm not sure why hubs finds "pretty" scents pretty rank :-D