September 3rd, 2019


Calling All Math Whizzes

Refresh my memory because I need to explain this to a kid I'm tutoring. I've scoured the internet and asked several people to no avail, which brings me here. (I was also surprised that this was hard to confirm, but telling me that the internet is all-inclusive of all information in existence is not going to help me.)

I already know that the SQUARE roots of negative numbers can be defined with "i" (imaginary) where we define the square root of -1 as "i".

What I want to know is if we define OTHER EVEN ROOTS of negative numbers in exactly the same way. For example, by this logic:

• the fourth root of -16 = 2i

• the sixth root of -15,625 = 5i

• the eighth root of -6,561 = 3i

Is this correct?

I'm about 90% sure that it is but I'm going for a solid 100% here.

If YOUR google-fu is better than mine, and you can provide a link that backs up your answer, by all means do. I will give you extra brownie points.