July 26th, 2019

lantair look

Learning another language

I'm already (somewhat) bilingual, but my 7 year-old has had a consistent interest in learning Russian. I don't know if it is great or terrible that one of his favorite movies is The Hunt for Red October and two of his favorite songs are by The Red Army Choir.

Being in the middle of the desert Southwest of the USA Russian lessons for a 7 year-old aren't conveniently available so I ask you, dear Question Club:

What is the best language learning software, books, CDs, DVDs or combination thereof for a young child?

I am happy to add a third language along with him and I'm aware at this age he'll probably pick it up faster than I do, but I also hear that the second language is the hardest and it gets easier after that.

Also any other considerations when teaching/learning a language with a kid this young?

DK/DC: What language(s) do you speak?