July 17th, 2019

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Big purchases online

Hi hello TQC.

My laptop is older than dirt (in electronics/technology terms). It’s from 2011. It seems to work just fine but the battery and power cord have gone to sh!t. I’ve gone online to purchase new batteries and power adapter cords. But they don’t seem to be the fix. The cord falls out all the time, and even the new battery never held a charge. As soon as the cord falls out, (like if I move wrong it does) the lap top entirely shuts down. Which is rather annoying if I am in the middle of working on something. So I’m contemplating just getting a new laptop all together. With that being said.....

Has anyone made a bigger electronics purchase such as a new lap top or new tv off of a site like Amazon or eBay? What did you get? What was the experience / customer service like? Was the product good/did it function properly?

Thanks for any feedback. :)

UPDATE: (in case any of you cared... lol)
I had been paroosing Best Buy online and decided after dinner to go into the actual store to check out what I was eyeballing online. To see if it would work for my needs. The sales gal ended up showing me this "Open Box" lap top option that ended up being really cool and just about in the price range I was looking for. So I went for it. I've been happy playing with my new 2-1 (with a touch screen! what?!?) lap top. Dang 2011 technology to 2019 technology. UPGRADE. haha