June 24th, 2019

Suggestions for a blog name & gardening tips

Hi, all!
My husband and I recently got into gardening herbs and food. This is our first newlywed home project so maybe that explains the hype we have about it, please forgive us. I used to be -and still am!- content with the local farmers markets but we want to try our hand at this. Right now we're doing container planting on our patio because we rent and it's the basics 101; cucumbers, bush tomatoes, a variety of hot/bell peppers and beets to pickle, and herbs. Our yard is not the best when it comes to drainage..any heavy rain gives us a koi pond without fish in the back end and we know we're not ready for that headache. Our landlord gave us the go ahead for ground planting next year, tips on where she used to have veggie garden that didn't drown and where it absolutely won't work. So next year we're planning raised beds/containers and underground plants where she had had success. We also want to build a small DIY greenhouse just to see what happens..?
I'd like to create a blog that hopefully would gain traction with other newbie gardeners or those with difficult land, but mostly for him and I to look back on and have documentation of (and laughs about) our failures, struggles with bugs,and successes/harvest.
I'm struggling with a cute name, though. I mean, I guess it doesn't have to be "cute" since in the end it's just for us but THIS IS THE INSTAGRAM AGE, no?
Any help, tips on planting, garden planning, blog name suggestions, anything is welcomed.