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May 17th, 2019

(no subject) [May. 17th, 2019|04:51 pm]
The Question Club


So my sisters and I, along with their kids are going to tea at the Ritz. You have to dress up which isn't something I generally am into so I figured I would at least do something a bit unique but not over the top since I'm also not one to draw attention to myself.

So because I like the style, I'm planning to buy a retro style skirt, this is the one I was looking at: https://www.amazon.com/Tandisk-Vintage-Printed-Pleated-Pockets/dp/B07J2M7G2C/ref=pd_ybh_a_8?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=1SW0560EMH9YRQWFEZQQ and wear a simple black shirt with it. Now, with it, I want to wear either plain neutral colored tights and a pair of converse (low) with little skulls on it OR black tights with leg bones and nicer shoes.

Poll #2092804 tea time

Which should I do?

bone tights
BOTH bone tights AND Converse
Somethng else, I will comment
bitch, just be normal
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