April 1st, 2019


FB question

If you shared a cute, harmless meme on Facebook, and then realized the group who originally shared the cute harmless meme happened to be an organization that you absolutely do not support, and in fact, actively oppose, would you take the meme down?

If you shared that meme from that group and didn't realize who originally shared it, would you appreciate someone gently and tactfully pointing that out to you?

The real-life situation inspiring this question is a guy I'm friendly with on FB that posted a harmless meme about kids that was originally shared by an American Christian Conservative group that I know for a fact does not jive with his personal beliefs, and I want to point it out to him because I think he'd appreciate it, but am struggling to find a way to express it in a way that doesn't imply that I want him to do anything about it, that i'm simply letting him know because I thought he might want to know.