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March 25th, 2019

(no subject) [Mar. 25th, 2019|01:31 pm]
The Question Club


I'm trying to find the title of a book i had as a child. It was largish, add i think it was square. The pictures were of animals, and each page was bordered by letters. There were puzzles you had to solve as you went along, and they eye quite hard. Any guesses?
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Surgery [Mar. 25th, 2019|02:43 pm]
The Question Club


Have you ever had surgery?

If so, did you get handed a surgeon?
(ie: "You need surgery. This is Dr. So-and-So, and they will be your surgeon.")

Or did you choose your own surgeon?
If so, how did you go through the process of choosing?

Secondary question:
If you were looking for a surgeon, which trait would be MOST disqualifying?:

**A decade-old malpractice lawsuit


**A really annoying self-promotional/sales-oriented twitter account
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Check engine light [Mar. 25th, 2019|08:13 pm]
The Question Club



What do you do when your 'check engine' light comes on?
What was the solution last time?

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