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February 10th, 2019

Spanish 202 refresher [Feb. 10th, 2019|10:18 pm]
The Question Club



I recently went back to college and I just have to take Spanish 202 just because I have credits from the Spanish I took 20 years ago. So I've forgotten a lot. But I need Spanish 202 to graduate. What can I do to learn without taking classes, before I register for the class? I have quite a bit of time because I'm in junior year now and I plan to get my master's. If anyone has taken SPA 202 what kinds of things did you need to learn? Was the class taught in Spanish?
It occurred to me I don't know if I need that class before I get my bachelor's or not until I get my master's...anyone know?

edit: solved...because I'm nontraditional age and haven't taken Spanish in forever, I can take a 101 in another language. Just a heads up if anyone else is in this situation, you may be able to do this.

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