January 2nd, 2019

Ten with specs

Reading under a tree

I just saw the splash screen of my husband’s Kindle app, which displays the silhouette of a person reading a book under a tree, and I thought, “That’s a common image, but do lots of people really do that much?” I don’t like being outside so I don’t think I have, but when I am outside, reading a book is not something I’d think of doing.

Poll #2088470 Reading under a tree

Have you read a book under a tree?

I have purposefully taken a book outside to go read it under a tree.
I have happened to have a book with me when I saw a tree and sat down under it to read it.
Maybe. I’ve certainly had opportunities but I’m not sure if I actually have.
Probably not. I don’t read books often enough to make it likely.
Probably not. I don’t see suitable trees often enough to make it likely.
No. I’m pretty sure I’ve never read a book under a tree.