November 20th, 2018

neighbourly ways

A month ago, a new person moved into the unit next door to me. We introduced ourselves and chatted once or twice, but otherwise are just friendly waving neighbours.

She has been gone for the last week - her car is gone and her garbage bins were put out Monday evening and never taken in. I assume she's on vacation!

Yesterday a large box was delivered and is sitting on her doorstep. We live in a pretty safe neighbourhood - but porch thieves lurk everywhere AND the weather beans are promising rain overnight tonight (finally!)

Do I leave the box on her doorstep - she never asked me to watch for any packages and I should just leave other people's things alone?

Or do I bring it in to my house and keep it safe for her until she comes back, leaving a note under her doormat letting her know where it is?

(no subject)

Will you be taking advantage of any Black Friday deals, TQC? Are you gathering up a sleeping bag and getting in line for the mall so you can be first to wrestle a dozen soccer moms for a cut-price air fryer? Do you have fifteen tabs open on your browser checking the prices of that gadget you've been thinking about for ages but never actually bought?
Now that, inexplicably, Black Friday is a thing in the UK, what should I buy?