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November 2nd, 2018

Last meal Last words [Nov. 2nd, 2018|07:35 am]
The Question Club



If you got to choose your last meal...what would it be?

If you got to choose your last words...what would they be?

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to tell or not to tell [Nov. 2nd, 2018|11:58 pm]
The Question Club



I like to be informed about things that concern me or those I care about, although I have been irritated by being given emotionally distorted (exaggerated or dramatized) information that was a crappy source for trying to make a thoughtful decision (usually from my mother).  My dad used to try to hide things from people because he didn't want them to worry.  I hated that.  It made me not trust what was going on, like I might be imagining I am on solid ground but am really strolling over a future sink hole.  Some people (like my mother) say they want to know what's going on but when told have a tendency to blow it out of proportion (often making it all at least partially about themselves...see the drama and exaggeration from above), but may feel hurt or angry if not kept in the loop.  Rambling aborted...

Do you want to be told about questionable results or potential problems concerning your loved ones, or would you rather be kept in the dark until there are more absolute answers so you don't potentially spend time worrying?

Do you tell people close to you about questionable results or potential problems concerning yourself?

Should I tell my mom that I have to go back for more imaging due to "a finding" on my mammogram?

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