October 30th, 2018

halloween dilemma

So my girlfriend and I had plans for Halloween. Original plan was to stay at home and watch horror movies, then my best friend texted an offer to hang out. Sensing an opportunity for my best friend to meet my girlfriend, I brought up the idea to hang out with the best friend to my girlfriend, who seemed receptive. We both could go in costume so this seemed like a good idea.

The plan is now to meet for lunch.

The best friend takes off a half day from work to hang out with us, I am very excited. Now, however, the girlfriend is waffling on the idea because she doesn't want to drive to Madison, which is about a 45 minute drive. I have offered to drive. Still no real response.

Should I cancel the date with the girlfriend to hang out with the best friend, who I rarely see and has taken a half day off of work, or should I back out of the best friend hangout to hang with the girlfriend, which was the original plan?

UPDATE, as requested: I ended up hanging out with the best friend. My girlfriend had to get her car fixed, so she was at the car repair place most of the day. Though we planned to have a movie session later that night, she fell asleep around 7 and stopped responding to my texts. Girlfriend and I ended up getting food on Saturday and we both apologized to each other for the mutual miscommunication. She also confessed to being very nervous to meet The Best Friend. I'm glad I got to hang out with the best friend, we drank beers and got cool Halloween flash tattoos.