October 5th, 2018

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HTIB Surround sound set-up

I'm getting ready to upgrade my TV. I am a big movie watcher, news and football. Pretty sure I'm going with the 4k UHD LJs or Sonys, instead of Samsungs QLED. As far as speakers go, I know I do NOT want 'just' a soundbar set up. I guess that means I'll need a component.

I could use some tips on brand names and models for the sound system. DIY on mounting speakers to the wall, etc.

worse than a splinter

Have you ever had something small embedded in your hand? What was it and how long did it last? How did the object finally exit your hand?

When I was in third grade, a mean little brat named Pam stabbed me in the butt with a pencil. I wasn't hurt, but I wanted to retaliate, so I poked her in the butt with my own pencil, but I was afraid she might get hurt and I'd get in trouble, so I aimed at her with the eraser end. Of course this backfired and I got a good-sized chunk of pencil lead stuck in the exact middle of my palm. Naturally I couldn't tell an adult and ask for help (as I was transgressing when it happened), so I just left it there. After a week or two, I developed a huge pus-filled welt, which I carefully hid from the grownups. I had no idea what to do about this monstrosity, but eventually it was decided for me: we had to play softball for gym class, and when I swung the bat, that thing broke open and I screamed. The gym teacher sent me to the school nurse, who had to hear the story as she bandaged me up. And of course my mother said, "Why didn't you tell me?"