September 19th, 2018

Fish tank plants

People who maintain fish tanks of various sizes, what are some good plants to plant in an aquarium? I have a ten gallon and I've been looking to add more plants.

EDIT: Edited to add that I have balloon mollies.
  • spyinak

Does it make you want to dance?

Every Friday I play an hour-long high energy music mix to help keep my co-workers motivated and upbeat as we wrap up our work week. After doing this for a year, however, I am running out of ideas for upbeat music to play. I am looking for music with a heavy beat similar to- Thunderstruck, Footloose, Gummi Bear, Danger Zone, Cotton Eyed Joe and I Love Rock and Roll. New music, old music, if it makes you feel like dancing please share the song title.

Thank you for your help.