September 17th, 2018

Self Portrait, Shi Devotion

A Civil Discussion about a heavy subject

Now that I've posted this photo, would like to start a civil discussion. This is a beautiful Kimono. The lavander sweeping sleeves, the purple flowers. It's so elgant and pretty.
Because this is a traditional Japanese garment lets discuss cutural appropriation. Here in America, if your not Japanese and where this lovely outfit, your being disrespectful and appropriating another culture. You run the risk of being called a racist, even if your not and believe in equal rights for all.
Now on the flip side, many Japanese people do not mind seeing people of other races and other countries wearing the Kimono. In fact they find it flattering and wouldd encourage anybody to wear one. There are a few other Asian countries who also feel the same way.
Here are my questions for this topic:
1. What is your feelings on Cultural Appropriation?
2. Are is there a way to show another community respect and interest in learning about their culture without seemingly trying to apprpriate it?
3. Would you wear a kimono?
4. Would you wear a traditional garment of another culture?
5. Do you believe cultural appropriation is out of hand?
6. Do you believe there should be guidlines for what is cultural appropriation?
Most of these questions are based on things i have read or heard people to discuss. And honestly going off personal experience, i believe this is an important discussion to have and explore.
My personal experoence was based off reposting a link to a sugar skull photo on a blog I had. I thought it was beautifully done. I have always enjoyed sugar skull art and find Dia de los Muertos to be a fascinating holiday that I have sought to learn more about. However i was calked a radcist for posting it and for showing interest in knowing more about the customs around this holiday.