September 3rd, 2018

why was this considered good?

I finally got around to watching 48 Hours, several decades late.  I remember all the kids in elementary school talking about how cool it was and how funny Eddie Murphy was...  Hrm.  I found it incredibly racist, not very funny (I have seen Eddie Murphy be funny), and not at all suspenseful or exciting for a cop movie.  I guess it was a "you had to be there" thing, but also at the right time and juvenile mentality.

Have you seen something recently that was popular at some point and just finished it with a big wtf was the point of that give me my hours back feeling?

The sad thing is my ocdness will make me watch Another 48 Hours because this is a double feature DVD before I get rid of it.

On the flip side, have you seen something recently that was popular back whenever and still really loved it?