July 23rd, 2018

Who has the better claim?

I saw this on youtube, and am unsure of which side has better standing, and would like some of y'all with a better grasp of moral and legal niceties to tell me which side of the argument you believe should prevail:


For those who don't wanna click, here's the sitch:

You wake up in what you think is your home to discover a strange woman sleeping on your couch.

She declares that she does not have to leave because she copped the house.

The true, proper and morally/legally correct end to this story is:

a. She leaves.
b. She is allowed to sleep it off.
c. You have a new housemate!
d. WTF is so hard to understand? Clearly, she copped the house and the previous occupants need to leave.

Or, for the more macabre-minded, the most likely thing which happened immediately after the video's end is:

A. She pulls out a knife and starts to slice n dice.
B. She pulls out a gun and ends the discussion pronto.
C. She revealed her true demonic self and began to kill and eat the previous occupants forwith. After finishing her dinner, she posted this for laughs and is still out there looking for new and tastier meals.
D. The homeowners shot her multiple times because they were afraid either A, B or C was on the way.
E. There is no end. The discussion as to who belongs where and why is still ongoing with no end in sight