June 7th, 2018

got time?

Awkwardly phrased question about brainz n thingz.

Why might a person find themselves returning to mindstates, thoughts and behaviours, which they thought they'd 'outgrown' or 'moved beyond' in the past?

Say, for instance, the original state of mind was found to serve no purpose, and a new one 'grown' into -- Happily, successfully and for a time necessary to continued living; Then, seemingly out of nowhere, 'old routines' or thoughts get dug up and one might feel themselves returning to a state of mind which has already been done with...


It's been dealt with before, so, why?

Could it be something as simple as 'nostalgia', an association via a memory, which brings these things back?

What use does the conscious brain have in dredging up subconscious, when it only seems to leave one questioning their rate of progress (if any) through life?