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June 3rd, 2018

What sort of tape? [Jun. 3rd, 2018|09:50 pm]
The Question Club


I've decided to make myself a weighted blanket with my birthday money. To accommodate my dreadful measuring/drawing skills I've decided to use a single duvet cover tartan pattern to follow the lines (slightly regretting not going gingham, but I liked the aesthetic).

I got some advice from my grandmother regarding reinforcing and she recommends using 'tape like bias tape that is not biased'.

Except, she was on the way to airport and now I have no idea what it is called and can only find the biased stuff.

What is it called? Could someone provide a link to an example of what it looks like?


Also, what colour thread would you use with this? I'm wanting to essentially sew squares containing plastic beads into it?

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