April 25th, 2018


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I'm thinking of making something for my mom for Mother's Day this year.
Specifically, I'm looking at this:


Since I love to embroider (I teach it at my job also!), I thought it would me a nice handmade gift to give to her.

But here's my dilemma:

My mom had three girls with my dad. They divorced in 1985. My mom never remarried (nor had anymore children). Would it be weird to just put my mom's name in the middle of the tree trunk? (I guess typically, this design would be the couple's (parents) names. Blah + Blah You know? Would it look dumb just having her name there only? Is it even disrespectful to do so?

Another separate dilemma:

My sister had 1 son, who in turn had 2 sons. These are my mother's great grandchildren. Now, obviously I would include them. But honestly it gets very messy. My nephew had a baby with one girl. They broke up. He then had a baby with another girl. He and this girl are together/co-habitating. Now she has her own daughter from her previous marriage. But I wouldn't include her on this. Which seems mean. But my mom has no relation to this girl.
Furthermore, and I don't feel great saying this, but I'm not so sure this relationship with my nephew and his gf will last. Maybe it will, but I'm not sure. And wouldn't it be weird to have this girl's name on it??

Ugh, just typing all of this out! Maybe I shouldn't even do this?
What say you?
Am I overthinking it? Or is it truly too tricky to pull off without offending/hurting someone's feelings?

If you can't make heads or tails of that drama:

Do you overthink your gift-giving?
What was the last present you bought for someone? Did they like it?