April 24th, 2018


Best Practices of Teleworking

I am teleworkng for my job for around 6 months or more. It's nice they let me do this (for personal reasons), but I'm going a little stir crazy. Advice on how to be the most productive teleworking?
   So far I stay sane by: walking my dog, working in various coffee shops every once in a while, exercising. and keeping in virtual touch with the office as much as possible.
   The unfixable problem: My SO and I live in a small one bedroom, so I have no true office I can escape to and separate my home life from my work life.

what is that even like?

Today in my meditation class, we were supposed to start by thinking of someone who loves us unconditionally. I couldn't. She said if that was impossible we should think of a moment when we felt we were loved unconditionally. I couldn't remember one. My memories are too connected to each other and it's clear to me that all that "love" was conditional one way or another. She said we could perhaps focus on a pet, but I haven't had a pet in nearly twenty years.

Aside from pets, can you think of someone who loves you unconditionally right now?
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This Old House

Hey gang, you seem to be pretty handy around the house! One of our home improvement projects this year was to replace the basement windows. One of them is a little leaky and it's this one that has me a bit worried. I noticed a crack in the foundation last week under the window and that the siding below the window is a little loose. I'm hoping it's just cosmetic, but a guy is going to come out tomorrow and look at it in case it's a real problem. The rep told me on the phone that windows are stress points for concrete foundations because they carve a chunk out of the wall. Anyway...have you ever had to do foundation repair on your house? How did that go? Horror stories ok!

EDIT: The estimator came over and it was very educational. We've lived in this house for 15 years and I never noticed that the problem window is much bigger than the other two basement windows. He showed me where the wall was and basically the crack is in the mud that covers the foundation (he had a name for this - I can't remember). Water is getting in behind there and because it is exposed to the sun, it's the perfect mix for it to crack. All it would take to fall off is a hammer hit, apparently. He thought that the window was supposed to be at a different height or size - he said that the window guys would find out when they take the window out. Whew!