April 5th, 2018


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Hey TQC, does your home make unexplained noises? Do they bother you? Have you ever figured out what made a previously unexplained noise?

In a previous home, there was a noise like mice (of which I am phobic)in the walls, but it turned out to be birds pecking at the expanding foam insulating stuff which my trash-king landlord had used to fill a huge gap around an outlet pipe. (There were also mice in the walls, mind you.)
In my current home, there's a noise like a cat pulling its claw out of the sofa (I do not have a cat) and a noise like something small and firm but not rock-hard hitting the window (but no sign that anyone has been throwing small unripe apples at the building). I don't know what causes them, but weirdly, they don't bother me.

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Random question: is anyone really familiar with truth tables (logic?) I'm taking a college math class and I failed the quizzes that had to do with truth tables (using two and three variables). He had me retake a quiz, I still failed, he basically fed me answers and I still only got an 80 which he averaged with the failed quiz giving me a 62. We're done learning that in particular but it will surely be on the final and it's bugging me that I don't "get it"...I'm curious if anyone has any tricks to remember how to do them, I do well with mnenomic devices and other little clues to help me remember things. Or any videos that have helped. Thanks so much.