January 7th, 2018

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For those of you who bake, do you mix by hand or use a handheld/stand mixer or food processor?

I mix by hand.
I use a handheld mixer or stick/immersion blender.
I use a stand mixer.
I use a food processor.
A combination of these gadgets.
Also, what are your favorite things to bake, what flavors do you like, and how long have you been baking?

My mixing method depends on what I'm making.  For cakes, muffins, or something else with a batter, I mix by hand to prevent over mixing.  For doughy items, I use a handheld mixer, then finish them by hand if I need to.  I am a little old-fashioned and this was how my grandmothers, mom, and aunts taught me.  My paternal relatives use(d) a stand mixer or food processor sometimes, but I don't have those in my kitchen.  Not enough storage space in this small house.  lol
My favorite things to bake are cheesecake (very rarely do I actually get to make a homemade one.  When I do, they're tasty), cookies, muffins, and cupcakes.  I like to make pies too, but struggle with crusts other than graham cracker based ones so I cheat a little and buy pre-made pie dough or for Thanksgiving and Christmas, get frozen pies and put them in the oven.  I also make brownies, and turnovers with different fruit fillings.  Apple turnovers are my favorite.  :)

I don't bake layer or sheet cakes much, just for someone's birthday, but I do cupcakes fairly often.  For some reason, they seem less dry than most big cakes.  Or is that just me?  I keep my decorations simple: either sprinkles or fruit and spread the frosting on the cupcakes rather than piping a big blob/swirl because that's the way I learned from my family and unlike some people, I prefer less of it.

I like a variety of flavors, except most chocolate, coconut, or pineapple items and I'm allergic to peanuts and tree nuts so those are obviously out.  Simple vanilla is great, and I love lemon, strawberry, pumpkin, and cinnamon roll.  I experiment with other stuff every now and then.  I made vegan vanilla lemon cupcakes for New Year's.  They were a success and I'm happy because that was the first time I baked a vegan dessert.  My mom liked them too and she's not a vegan or vegetarian.  Of course I gained like 6 pounds from eating them for a week straight.  I'm getting back on track with my weight loss now.
I've been baking since I was about 6 or 7, with supervision until I was 12 or 13.  I'm 31 now, so I started 24-25 years ago.  But I only learned how to bake without eggs or dairy recently.