December 9th, 2017

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Been wanting to rename myself because I've always despised my current name and I also don't feel that it really fits me. Which middle name do you prefer for Helena (Hel-ay-na)? Last name will be either Fleming or Rosemann-Fleming.

Helena Bridget Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Victoria Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Caroline Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Abigail Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Valerie Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Iris Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Vivien Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Daphne Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Annabelle Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Other (leave suggestions in the comments. They have to be sophisticated and girly and no weird spellings or anything with -lynn/lyn or -leigh)

I've been wanting to change it since I was little.  It's not my style and isn't beautiful to me. I don't feel that my name fits with my siblings' either.  They all have nice classic first names and their middle names all honor someone while mine is a trendy 80's name that now sounds dated, paired with an ugly, boring, unfeminine middle name.

I hate my first name Amanda because it was super popular when I was growing up (there were like 3-4 other kids in my class every year  with the same name and I had to use my last initial, so I was always Amanda M) and every other girl at my school or neighborhood with that name was mean to me and I was even physically bullied by some of them. 

My middle name Lynn was originally a surname and a masculine name.  It wasn't used much for girls until the early 20th century, then the girls eventually took it over like they did with a lot of other traditionally male names/surnames (Avery, Mackenzie, Madison/Addison, Aubrey, Mckenna/Mackenna/Makenna, Kennedy, Riley, Payton/Peyton, Finley, Everly, Emerson, etc...).  I hate boys' names for girls.  Just because they're popular for girls doesn't make them feminine.

My new first name will definitely be Helena, nickname Laney because my late maternal grandmother's middle name was Helen.  I'm still trying to find the right middle name to go with it.  Feel free to suggest some.  My top two were Bridget and Vivien (I spell it this way because Vivian was originally the male spelling and Vivien was the female one until Vivian went to the girls' side), but now I'm not sure they're "me".  Helena has been in the US top 1000 since the Social Security Administration started keeping records of names in 1880 (its highest rank was 194 in 1881.  Familiar without being too common.  It was ranked at 815 the year I was born and is at 518 now.  It's a classic too and I love that).  Yeah, I'm a name nerd.  lol  Been interested in them since I was a kid.

As far as my last name goes, it's a common Irish one that's also a name of a restaurant.  It made me an even easier target for bullies, but I also am not very close to a majority of my late father's family.  We don't talk outside of emails or Facebook and I get birthday and Christmas money, Christmas cookies, and family photos from my aunts here and there, that's about it.

Rosemann was my grandmother's best friend's surname and Fleming was my mom's and grandmother's maiden name.

The name change will be unofficial for now, because I can't afford to legally change it yet.  I'd go by Helena/Laney except on legal documents if I can find a way to convince my stubborn family to call me that (They know how I feel about my current name.  My grandpa calls me Laney now, but pretty much everyone else thinks I'll grow out of it eventually, which I won't or they call me a drama queen and just shut me down emotionally).

Have any of you felt this way about your name?  What about now?

DK/DC:  What are your plans for Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday it is you celebrate?  Did you decorate and buy/receive gifts yet?