November 20th, 2017

God is Dead!

Internet rabbit holes,....

We've all done it.

You started off in some normal, regular, average part of the internet researching something innocuous like the National Defense Budget or googling "What are gargoyles for?" and suddenly, and without (too much) warning you are in some strange, dark, surreal corner of the internet which apparently EVERYONE (or perhaps NO ONE) knows about but you.

I remember when I found the ASMR community and freestyle canoeing on YouTube about almost a decade ago just clicking on video after video going, "Really? No,... REALLY!?"
Because, well... who knew?
Not me. I didn't know.

I distinctly remember spending a day, fascinated, watching world class team equestrian vaulting and when Sailor found me that evening, still huddled around the computer, feverishly describing the spectacle and humming Europop hits I think he might have worried that my own mother's mental illness might not be lurking in my grey matted matter, too.

Today I spent the day listening to storytelling/poetry from the Minnesota Men's Conference in the 1980s.


What were some of your most memorable trips down the internet rabbit hole discovering something totally alien (and fascinating, and SFW) to you? Links?

Are you old enough to have done this sort of thing in real life, at a library through real honest-to-god books where a random "Hhmmm.... what's THIS?" turns into an accidental dive into a previously unknown to you topic/idea/experience?