November 18th, 2017


Turkey Trot

As a trickier follow-up to questions regarding Halloween Music - let us ask what should or could be THANKSGIVING MUSIC?

What immediately came to my mind was the theme to The Peanuts Gang, but feel free to offer lesser known legitimate tunes, make personal nominations, or get creative with musical suggestions (perhaps the theme to Yu-Gi-Yoh would suit your get togethers best)!

dk/dc: If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving (though you're still welcome to make suggestions), what food is a must-have at your dinner gatherings? Do you make it yourself, buy it, or is it someone else's special dish?
My Alaskan Malamute Jeter

Since We're All Thinking About Kitchens And Food And Such....

Do you consider microwave ovens to be an absolute necessity in the kitchen?

My microwave is going out and for the first time ever I'm considering not replacing it. All we use it for is reheating coffee or (very rarely) leftovers. My kitchen is small and I'm coveting the kitchen space where that boxy old microwave sits. My stylin' new Instant Pot could go there (pic behind cut):
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So what do you think, TQC? Microwave = must have, yes or no?