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November 13th, 2017

Moving Day [Nov. 13th, 2017|01:45 pm]
The Question Club


I am moving from one town to another, about an hour away.

I have never used movers before but am interested in doing so this time around, would you think I should contact companies in the town I currently live or in the town to which I am moving?

Any moving tips or tricks you care to give me?

Tell me about the last time you moved!?
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Where to publish an invitation to an online study? [Nov. 13th, 2017|05:47 pm]
The Question Club



I am working toward my PhD in Organizational Psychology and I will run a study to fulfill the program's requirement.

In this study, the focus will be on pairs of people who have established an online relationship with each other by the means of chatting or texting. I think this will be a fun and engaging experience for the participants. I have even created a page with description of the study, but I have no idea where to post the invitation.

Do any of you have participated in online studies or invited people to part take in one? What kind of platform did you use, where this kind of advertisement is appropriate? Any suggestions are welcomed!

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Selfie power [Nov. 13th, 2017|09:55 pm]
The Question Club



Do you have a current selfie you are proud of?
Care to share?

Ok....this is a blatant passive aggresive picture post. Mine is in comments. JSYK

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