October 23rd, 2017

Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

Job stuff

I hate my job and want to quit before I have a new one lined up. The problem is, I know that some potential employers might question or be weary of the gap in employment. Have you ever done this and how did it go? Or do you know someone who has?

Moonlight serenade

My downstairs neighbor is singing. He can't sing; the noise is like the bellowing of a large ungulate, only more tuneless. And it's past my bedtime. What are some creative ways to express my appreciation?


Can't Touch This!

Hello TQC. My mother recent passed, and it's pretty awful, but I'm dealing with that as well as I can. What I'm not dealing with so well is other people's reaction to my grief.

I understand that death is a mysterious horrible thing and people want to help, but I really need for them to stop hugging me. Co-workers specifically.I am not a hugger. I am able to stop them and say "no, thank you" when they approach within my line of sight, but some have taken to suprise! hugging me from behind. I do not enjoy this. I freeze like a small woodland creature and, again, say "no, thank you." But this does not desist. I don't want to file a harassment complaint, because I'm pretty sure they're trying to help - but my grief is not about them, and I need space. So, TQC, how do I make this stop without punching anyone in the throat? Because that's where I'm heading.

First post, be gentle? or don't -I don't have much energy to care.