September 22nd, 2017

Plant advice

I used to call myself a black thumb, but I don't think I'm quite that bad anymore.  However,  there's this gardenia...  It was very healthy looking in the pot in the store.  It started being droopy when I had it for a few days, so I figured I needed to plant it so its roots could spread out.  I picked a place near the fence line close to a tree to give it partial shade.  It started declining even beyond what I would expect from shock at being transplanted.  I thought maybe the tree was soaking up too much of the moisture in the ground around it, so I transplanted the gardenia again.  It isn't in shade, but because it is in a kind of grassy alley between two carports, it shouldn't be exposed to the full potency of the sun more than about an hour a day.  Now, it is like in a living dead state.  It looks wilty, but the leaves are still green and the stems are still pliant.  The only time I have seen it really perk up was during the hurricane!  I water it almost every day.  It looks even worse if I don't.  It could be heat, I guess, but my grandmother had a very healthy gardenia on this property while she was living.  (That's what made me think to splurge on the purchase.)  Anyway, long story shory, any suggestions for making this plant happy other than finding it a new owner?