September 11th, 2017

Cat Repellant

We got kittens a few weeks ago, and we've kept them locked in half the house because they, of course, like to scratch at some of our furniture. I got the double sided sticky tape for the chairs, but to no avail; they ripped it off within seconds, completely unbothered by its sticky surface. They have plenty of scratching posts, including a four foot tall climbing cat tree scratcher and several cardboard scratchers that they love, so "appropriate scratching posts" is not an issue.

I'm now looking for a new solution. I've purchased the little nail caps, but right now the kittens are too small for them. In the meantime, I've been doing research about repelling sprays, and I've come across several DIY versions that include lemon essential oil and eucalyptus, but another article I found said that essential oils, especially eucalyptus, is toxic to cats. I want to repel them, not poison them!

Any suggestions what I can do to keep them away from my antique chairs and brand new sofa while I wait for them to grow into their nail caps? Has anyone used the lemon oil DIY spray before with success (and no harm) or something else? I want them to be able to roam the house, but I just don't trust them with my furniture yet!

EDIT: I tried a different DIY recipe to keep them off the no-no places: rosemary, lemon juice, and white vinegar. It did....absolutely nothing lol. In fact, one of my babies liked the way it tasted and licked at it. On the plus side, the nail caps FIT now, and they're awesome. My kittens don't bother with them at all, and they tolerate the placement of the caps far better than they tolerate me cutting their nails (which I still totally do, btw, even though they don't love it). For now, my couches are mostly safe. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!
  • piperki

who are you, again?

My SO of over two years needed my full name and date of birth for some paperwork. He texted me to ask for these details. I replied that I was pretty sure he knew already, and he said he didn't remember and then he guessed the year wrong (made me older than I am).

Is this unusual?

Do you know your SO's full name and date of birth?