August 31st, 2017

Barrel of Monkeys

"Just Desserts"

What I know:
They are both 'older' (50 and 70) but 10 years ago they each still had a big sweet tooth.
But, 10 years changes bodies a lot... and the older has been through some health problems.

First Q: Should it be illegal for us to sugar each other willy-nilly? Shouldn't we worry about derelicts intoxicating people's (the children! Won't somebody think of the CHILDREN!?) senses, clouding their brains with addictive sugar-highs? Getting women drunk on dark chocolate cake, and TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THEIR ALTERED MENTAL/PHYSICAL STATE?! Should we not be *worried*?

Second Q: What is your dessert-drug of choice?

Third Q: What should *I* bring for dessert?


So, a customer took off their left front wheel, snapping the axle and driving part of it up into their engine by hitting a lightpole in our parking lot yesterday.  The person didn't see the bright yellow conrete column because the person was texting on their phone. 

Do you have any good examples of karma at play?