August 11th, 2017

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Do you go to a gym? What is your routine? Have you ever lost a significant(20lbs or more) amount of weight? What did you do?

I just joined planet fitness and I am extremely out of shape. I weigh 311 lbs, carry most of my weight in my stomach, and I haven't exercised in years. My ultimate goal is to get to a size 14, from a size 22. It would be smaller than I have ever been, at least since 12th grade.
So, I have gone twice now and only used the treadmills. I have been doing a mile at a brisk pace- not quite jogging but just about. I feel like a noodle afterward and have to push myself to do that much. I need to add stuff in to round out my routine and work on my arms. I am trying to make it my routine to go every workday, or 5 times a week. I know if I asked for help on the machines they would, but I don't know anything about the number of reps, what is what, etc... if you do, will you tell me what you know?