August 5th, 2017


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Really. What do you do with the old lithium batteries? I just replaced the battery on my aged laptop and now I have the thing lingering around in my apartment, in the Amazon box the new one came in.

If the answer is "Who cares?", then: how do you decide what music to listen to, in the evenings when dinner is about ready? Do you just put on Pandora, or does one of you choose and the other person has to live with it?

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Which view do you like best?

Snowy mountains overlooking a pristine frozen lake
Tranquil forest of tall pines and clear flowing rivers
Barren desert of shimmering white sands beneath a blazing sun
Lush green meadow dotted with brilliant wildflowers
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buy new appliance or replace broken parts of old appliance?

I have a KitchenAid food processor. I've owned it probably 10 or 12 years, not sure exactly. I use it a couple of times a month. I would use it more, but I've never liked it, because the work bowl leaks and it's stupidly hard to clean. (It was a gift--I wouldn't have chosen this particular one.) A few years ago, the work bowl, which has a really poor handle design, broke (inside the handle) and I ordered a replacement from KitchenAid. I was much more gentle with this work bowl, but the handle on it has been disintegrating for a while and tonight it fell completely apart as I was using it.

The motor is still working just fine. The machine has always made good pizza/bread dough and ground up/mixed stuff reasonably well. It's not so great at shredding and I often have to use a box grater instead. I cook a lot, and would appreciate a machine that can actually shred food. But I have made do with this one in a pinch.

I can order another work bowl for about $40 and I assume this one will also break after a few years of light usage. Or I could buy a new machine, for about $150-200. I have seen recommendations for a particular Cuisinart (not the one that has been recalled).

$200 is a significant expenditure for me and I also need a new vacuum cleaner soon.

Would you repair or replace in this situation?