August 1st, 2017



My younger sister has three cats who are locked in her bedroom about 80% of the time. They have two litter boxes in there and everytime I go in there it reeks of that classic "cat box" smell. I can't understand how she can inhale that odor all the time, as she spends 90% of her time (she's 27, lives at home, unemployed and doesn't go to school) and the cats unfortunately just have to live with that smell.

Is this normal? Permissable? Can you think of any legitimate reason to allow someone to keep cats in a single small bedroom all the time? I told her it isn't normal and that it's cruel. She just sees it as an attack on herself whenever I visit and ask why the cats aren't out in the house. What argument would you use? My mom agrees with me but won't enforce it. I want to scare her (my sister) into changing this as I don't live locally and can't enforce it myself.