July 25th, 2017

Legally Blonde

Keeping a 2-cat house clean and fresh??

SO! My roommate and I have one cat in a small apartment.

My roommate agreed to cat sit our friend's cat for another month, making our apartment now a 2-cat household.

I am panicking because I am obsessive about cleanliness/freshness/not having cat hair anywhere.

What are best products for managing cat smells and cat hair??
oh noes!

Raspberry Etiquette

Sooooo...for years now I have grabbed a handful of raspberries now and then from one of the neighbour's raspberry bushes. Hubs is a-p-p-a-l-l-e-d every time.

The bush is technically in the back alley while the other bushes are inside the neighbour's yard. I'm just noshing off the back alley ones. Back alley is a free for all, right? Right? What do you think - would you pick the raspberries in this case?

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