July 19th, 2017


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What are your feelings on the wearing of fur, TQC? Do you, would you? Does it matter if it's new versus second hand or vintage?

I have a bit of a dilemma. I am not, in general, a big fan of the fur trade. I eat meat and wear leather (not exclusively, you understand), but fur seems more of an unnecessary luxury than a genuinely useful thing, to me. I'm less bothered by it in genuinely cold countries, where it is more of a need and less of a luxury, but I live in the UK, where temperatures rarely fall below freezing. I'm also less bothered by vintage fur than by new fur; my sister and I have a vintage clothes stall and we do sometimes acquire and sell real furs. Given that the alternative is for them to be thrown away, I figure they're OK, especially if they discourage people from buying new fur.

I recently picked up a rail of clothes in an auction; I bought it because there were a couple of vintage pieces in there, and I hadn't really paid much attention to what else was included. Turns out, there's a very beautiful jacket (by Escada, if anyone's into labels) which has what I initially assumed was a fake fur trim, but turns out to be mink. It's second-hand, but not vintage (well, I guess it's possible it's 90s, which seems to pass for vintage these days!). If it were fake fur, I would keep the jacket and enjoy wearing it. If it were 50 years old, I would also be comfortable wearing it. Given that it's modern, and real fur, do I keep it and wear it (and excuse it by remembering that it's second hand, bought as part of a lot rather than specifically for the fur), donate it to a charity shop (where at least it can raise a bit of money for a good cause), or trash it so as not to normalise or condone fur)?

DK/DC: picked up any great bargains recently?

Share your douchebaggery with me

Recently there have been a couple grocery store questions that have interested me, or rather, the responses have.

The first was whether or not you ever open a package of food and start eating it and then have the cashier scan the empty wrapper/open box, or if you ever let your kids do it, and over 90% of the commenters said NO and strongly condemned the practice.

More recently, it was asked if you ever put stuff back in random spots if you decide you no longer want to buy it, and a suspiciously high number of people said "I always put it back, leave it strewn about is the shitty thing to do!"

Now I'm not calling anyone in particular a liar, but... I feel like some of us may or may not be sugarcoating our grocery habits.

So tell me, what's the douchiest thing you do? Not the douchiest thing you ever did one time when you were having a really bad day - stuff you know is shitty but you have no intention of stopping. Grocery store or otherwise.