July 17th, 2017


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So, TQC, you're throwing a party for your friends and colleagues, planning a pleasant evening amongst adults, a few drinks, that sort of thing, and one of them asks whether it's OK to bring their kids (aged 4 and 6). Is there a polite way to say no?

Grocery store throw down

Lets say you pick up a bunch of bananas in the produce section....but by the time you hit the frozen foods (or soda aisle )you decide you dont /want/need/ can afford the bananas...what do you do with them?

What do you do with ANY of the food stuffs you reject before check out??

Seems legit

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Imagine you are a 47 year old divorcee with a daughter old enough to date. It's been at least ten years since you've been on a date yourself. You're fairly liberal, as far as things go. You post a lot of political and social memes on Facebook, and you're well versed in the contents of fifty shades of grey. Two weeks ago, out of the blue, you decide to add a friend of a friend. Someone you find kind of attractive and whose political ideals match your own.

You tell the woman (who is about 15 years your junior but clearly interested) that you are "old fashioned".

Does this mean:

A) You will insist on paying for dates despite both of you identifying as feminists?

B) You will insist on waiting more than a month to sleep together?

C) You're embarrassed about your kinky side but want her to know that you assume the dominant role in the bedroom?

D) Something else?

DK/DC or TL;DR -- What's your favorite condiment?


While showering the other day, I thought of this question. Were you ever picked on, teased, or bullied to any degree? I was teased here and there for being quiet, nerdy, drawing anime and such...but one time while walking by the "popular" table of girls at lunch in middle school one of them asked me if my hair (which was enviably long, to my butt) ever got stuck in my ass crack while showering and they all laughed. And other girls on my bus would make comments about my hair. I was also nagged on by random boys but I guess it was a mixture of being an asshole and flirting? I didn't like it so it counted as a negative interaction. So that's my cute little story.

Alt-Q: Do you have a signature scent and if so, what is it?

Other grocery habits

Inspired by a recent post: do you eat out of packages of food in the grocery store before you have paid for them, then hand the empty package to the cashier and pay for it when you're checking out? Or do you encourage your children to do this?