July 5th, 2017

Der Kommisser

Non-parent needing child-guidance guidance...

Situation Overview:
For the next month, as an emergency measure, I will be the expected caretaker of two brothers, for the majority of most days. I am HAPPY to do this, but I am a little lost in the woods for a number of reasons which I will explain.

35 year old planned-to-be-non-parent, youngest of my siblings, only having experience minor babysitting (half a day at most) on/off among friends/family on an as-needed basis. I spent lots of time caring for my own niece and nephew when they were infants and toddlers.. but I have less experience with older kids who are developing their attitudes, foot stomps, and still working on getting over tantrums AND YET cusping on that age where they realize, "YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME". At least... I don't have much experience being the disciplinarian/authoritarian... only the compadre of this age of kids, let alone these kids specifically.

They are my partner's nephews, age 11 and 9... and.... I just....

O lord.

The eldest has a long history of being kicked out of school, or kicked off the bus for using threats and disruptive behavior. He is badly bullied, does not have friends, and is tagged as the "weird loner" kid. His little brother is 9, which means he still has endless energy and is very social, but they can only agree on one thing... they LOVE to bicker, fight, and don't stop until someone is crying. Technically, this is not surprising. I talked with each of them, individually today about a cooperative discipline puzzle that DID NOT WORK (they preferred trying to murderize each other rather than work together for BOTH to get free) and each gave an answer that can be summed up as, "It was funny when they [the other brother] got hurt... that was the best part. Shows him!"

The Problem:
I have NO idea how to work on this.

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